Squirting For The Very First Time

In the last post we looked at the story of a woman who reported her failure to discover any ability within her to squirt.

So it’s good to come across a website called the squirt project (which, as you can imagine, leaves nothing to the imagination) all about documenting individual women’s stories of squirting orgasms.

Read about full moon gushing here. 

And perhaps unsurprisingly (because the more you delve into the subject, the more you realize that there are many urban myths around female ejaculation, squirting orgasms, and the possibility of G spot orgasm) she starts her blog with a warning about how hard she found it to separate truth and fiction. 

She says: “I found there to be a general lack of concrete information on the subject and a disproportionate amount of faked or exploitative situations featuring so-called squirting.”

Video – Female Ejaculation & Squirting Orgasms

As a response to that she asked people to share their stories – and boy, did they deliver. This is a great project, because it’s designed to increase understanding, acceptance, and knowledge of female ejaculation.

After all,  there have been many medical developments where the evolution of knowledge has eventually been influenced by the personal stories of people who for a long time had their experiences denied in one way or another by the so-called “professionals”.

Thus, it’s entirely possible that the same is true about female ejaculation and squirting orgasms for all kinds of reasons, including the patriarchal pseudo-ownership of female sexuality that has characterized our society for millenia.

Take the first story on the blog.

This is a woman submitted in February 2016 by a woman who says that she squirted for the first time when she was having sex with her casual sex partner (her f*ck buddy).

Here’s her story: he had a thick cock, and it felt amazing, tight and big in her vagina, She was extremely turned on, and very wet. And while he was having sex with her, he was stimulating her nipples, which were incredibly sensitive.

This woman says she came many times during intercourse. (Good for her – we know that coming during intercourse is comparatively rare for most women, so congratulations to her for having that level of sexual sensitivity and sexual expression.)

Anyway, she had several orgasms, but was still turned on when her boyfriend left, and she wanted to “take care of herself” further.

Enter the magic wand,a  double-ended stainless steel dildo, with which she masturbated.

Previously – not much feeling. This time – she put it into her vagina, and it felt amazing.

She felt it rubbing against her G spot, and then came the sensation many women report when their G spot is stimulated – something like feeling the need to urinate.

However, she knew enough to guess that this was more about female ejaculation than peeing, so she continued rubbing her G spot, feeling the fluid building up, and then suddenly experiencing the release of fluid, even though she didn’t reach orgasm.

This is something a lot of women report – that they can actually release fluid without reaching orgasm.

The Next Story Of A Squirter

We move onto another account of female ejaculation on this website by a 22-year-old woman who’d been on a couple of dates with an adorable man who was “very sexually attractive” to her.

After a few dates they were getting sexually intimate, and the second time they had sex she had a squirting orgasm and suddenly ejaculated.

How did it go? She could feel his fingers moving inside of her, although she “didn’t know what he was doing in there” – but whatever it was, he was certainly successful, because she “felt a huge surge of fluid building up” which then poured out and went everywhere, with her reaching orgasm seconds after the ejaculation.

She hadn’t experienced this before, and she sat up in confusion – looking at the bedsheets, soaked with fluid, convinced that she’d urinated.

As she said, however,  the fluid didn’t have any characteristics of urine —  but equally it wasn’t the fluid that she recognized as coming out from her vagina when she was really turned on.

But without even needing to understand what the fluid was, she said she was in awe of her squirting orgasms, caused, she thinks, by “the angle and size of his fingers”.

There are plenty of stories about squirting orgasms which resemble this on the website – the question is, do they mean anything?

I think they do, because they are consistent and (assuming they aren’t written by men fantasizing about what women might do during a squirting orgasm), some of them have a certain level of authenticity.

For example, here’s a description of how a woman woke up one day with her boyfriend feeling horny, and they started trying sex in different positions.

She said she was “on fire, living in the moment, not thinking about anything but pleasure”.

squirting at orgasm
The moment of orgasm is a moment when you might get drenched!
Squirting orgasms
Squirting orgasms can produce massive pleasure – and lots of fluid!

Somehow she knew or felt instinctively that she was going to go to a place she’d never been before – then she started feeling that special spot inside vagina – it was her G spot being stimulated.

In the past, she says, all her orgasms had come from clitoral stimulation, but this she knew this was different as soon as she began to feel it.

This sensation was so powerful in fact that she pulled herself away from his penis, and she did so, she felt a liquid squirting from her vagina.

You might have seen videos of female ejaculation on the Internet where the woman shakes uncontrollably as she has an orgasm and ejaculates.

And indeed this woman reports the exact same thing – shaking and squirting. The interesting thing is that she says it didn’t feel like she was urinating. And indeed, she wasn’t.

So what happened next? Well, she started to analyse the experience and realized that she’d helped herself to enjoy squirting orgasms by “letting go” (of inhibitions), and by “fully diving into the sensation”.

What’s more, she let go of fear, shame and worry about what was happening, and simply allowed herself to feel the love, the passion and the sensations of the moment.

The more you look on the Internet, you more you find stories like this.

This one describes how a man suggested to a woman that her problem with sex was her orgasm. They weren’t having much sex, and she wasn’t having many orgasms, although she was able to bring herself off using an Hitachi magic wand.

Sure, she says, she’d heard of the phenomenon of female ejaculation, and even seen the videos of squirting orgasms. (You know the ones – gushing liquid pouring out from between a screaming girl’s legs.)

As she says, these movies certainly looked interesting, but ejaculation, gushing or squirting was a completely foreign concept to her. At the time she wasn’t even having regular orgasms. 

And then things changed. She met a man. And even though he wasn’t very attractive physically, she found the chemistry between them to be electric. Indeed, it was “f*cking magical”.

Yes. During their first sexual encounter, she had eight orgasms. Her body loved him from the start. She was astonished and speechless, her body was revealing her ability to have orgasms, and it did things she’s never expected or experienced before – including squirting.

In fact, she squirted copiously. Curious, she tasted the liquid, which was clear, colourless, odourless, and a little sweet. Yes, as all the experts tell us – definitely not pee.

Later, this man, who had prompted her body to experience female ejaculation, became her boyfriend and helped her to explore the phenomenon of squirting orgasms in different ways.

And she discovered was that for her, female ejaculation is fluid being expelled from the Skene’s glands during or before female orgasm.

This is the Amrita of which the Tantric therapists and practitioners have known for long time – Amrita meaning divine nectar.

Gushing is the release of sacred waters; this woman describes the release as a pleasurable experience — albeit a messy one.

And, oddly enough, she relates the story of her vsit to a gynecologist, who offered no explanation about what was happening except to observe that “once you become squirter, you’re always a squirter”. Oh….. 

Our intrepid journalist also tells us that she now empties her bladder before sex to be sure she’s not urinating.

Yet the amount of fluid ejaculated can be rather shocking. It is, she says, all about bearing down when “the sensation” comes instead of clenching up. And, she adds, a woman needs to feel safe with her partner and completely relaxed with him (or I guess, her) – because this is a process which involves letting go and being vulnerable.

Video – Squirting