Orgasm Arts

Female Orgasm and Sexual Pleasure

Jason Julius is a sex educator who has worked for many years on the Internet. He offers information in video format for men who wish to know how to bring their female partners pleasure, In other words, to bring them to orgasm during sexual pleasuring.

Jason works by means of what he calls “the female orgasm blueprint”. This means a system for men to know exactly how to stimulate a woman’s clitoris, vulva, and vagina, during foreplay or sexual intercourse. For men who find it difficult to bring a woman to orgasm, this information is extremely valuable.

Jason Julius and Orgasm Arts would be the first to admit that he is not a man with any qualifications as therapist or counsellor. I prefer to see him as a sex educator, a man who has refined and developed a series of seven information modules which will allow all men to take their female partners to orgasm during any kind of sexual interaction.

What makes Jason Julius’s work different to all the others who have gone before him is that when we look at the reviews of Jason’s information, we find it is greeted with wide approbation and applause. What I take this to mean is that it really works!

So what has Jason have to offer us? Well, he has a video program which is set out in seven modules, which include information about the G spot and other aspects of female anatomy, as well some sexual techniques that effectively bring a woman to orgasm.

Let’s start with the 10 Female Orgasm Blueprint Video Modules. You can view these online one at a time, or you can download them as a package:

Mindset For Approaching Orgasms , Guiding Her Mind,  Female Anatomy, Clitoral Orgasms, A-Spot Orgasms,  Oral Sex, Squirting Orgasms, Troubleshooting, G spot orgasms, Forever Orgasms (Additional Techniques).

As you can see, this is a comprehensive set of information which should allow you to satisfy your curiosity or fulfil the gaps in your sexual knowledge.

This program uses video programs to provide information about how to take a woman to orgasm. Any man can rapidly gain all the knowledge and information he needs to turn himself into an exciting bedroom partner.

Being a good lover doesn’t just involve knowing about physical techniques that will stimulate a woman and take her to orgasm. Obviously there’s much more to it than that, including the ability to get inside a woman’s mind and make her feel respected, make her feel that she trusts you, and perhaps also make her feel loved.

But the simple reality is that by establishing greater intimacy within the relationship, this in turn will lead to emotional intimacy and better communication.

Jason Julius has come up with the ideal combination of value for money and simplicity of approach in this area. This will allow almost any man to find a way to achieve sexual pleasure with his partner.

A woman who is having regular orgasms is a happy woman. When she is sexually satisfied, her feeling of emotional closeness to partner means their entire relationship benefits from the fact that her man knows how to please her in bed.

What this means in practice is that if your relationship is currently going through any kind of difficulty, then buying Jason Julius’s programme is likely to lead to a greater level of harmony and mutual compatibility. this is  due simply to the fact that your woman will appreciate you having made the effort to ensure that she is receiving sexual pleasure whenever she desires it.

Video – Female Orgasm

G spot Orgasm Rules!

The other aspect of this which I feel worthy of mention is the fact that G spot orgasms are of far greater intensity and pleasure than clitoral orgasms. Even though there have been disputes and debate about whether or not the G spot exists in recent times, most women report that stimulation of the vagina together with stimulation of the clitoris leads to a much deeper and more emotional orgasm than stimulation of the clitoris alone.

Should this article be entitled “how to be a great lover”?

Around 15% of women never reach orgasm under any circumstances.

This is a truly shocking statistic for anyone who cares about female sexual pleasure — and if you’re in a relationship with a woman, that person ought to be you!

Having said that, of course, one of the reasons that men don’t respond to their women’s sexual needs is because they don’t know how to – and that’s where educators like Jason Julius come in.

I don’t mean to criticize men, because I think women have a role in the lack of orgasms in most sexual relationships. Women could take a much more powerful place and demand sexual satisfaction if they chose to do so.

Yet why are we locked into the situation where we’re all acknowledging that female orgasm is hard to achieve, and we’re not actually finding out how to make women come?

It’s hard to explain, and perhaps the easiest way is simply to avoid the question altogether and look at means by which female orgasms can be enjoyed by both man and women alike.

Jason has worked for a long time as a sex educator, and his program has been online for several years now, but it’s no less valuable for all that. He can tell you all you need to know about the G spot, female ejaculation, the clitoris, and in particular how to make a woman come.

You can see information about his program here, on one of my review websites where I write about his program, Orgasm Arts, and explain what he means by “The Female Orgasm Blueprint”.

I’d sum this up by saying that he’s offering men a program which allows them to learn:

  • how to find the G spot,
  • what the G spot actually is,
  • how to stimulate the G spot,
  • and in particular how to bring a woman to orgasm by stimulating the G spot.

It’s incredibly valuable information for any man who’s in a relationship and isn’t actually confident about his ability to bring pleasure to woman. Without such information, many relationships will blunder on with a lack of sexual pleasure for both the male and female partners, and in general this will not enhance the success of the relationship outside the bedroom.

Female Ejaculation

Female ejaculation isn’t just some kind of “novelty” to be achieved during a relationship that is getting boring, and perhaps where sex needs spicing up.

It can be a fundamental aspect of male and female sexual pleasure, because an orgasm were a woman actually female ejaculate is can be far more satisfying to her than an ordinary clitoral or even a vaginal orgasm.

So, if you’re feeling a lack of sexual pleasure or excitement, and you’re a man who feels that he needs more techniques to be able to pleasure his woman more effectively, then Jason Julius is the man who has the solution to your dilemma.

His program is very reasonably priced, although I personally feel that as far as sexual pleasure is concerned, price should never be the main issue. In fact, you might say, without being trite, that knowing how to pleasure a woman satisfactorily and successfully is beyond price – because the cost of not doing so can be very high.

So all in all, what this amounts to is an unreserved recommendation for Jason Julius and his work in Orgasm Arts, where he offers a solution for men who lack the information necessary to achieve full sexual pleasure. And that’s sexual pleasure for them and for their partners, let us not forget.