Squirting Orgasms – Personal Experiences

Who’s Squirting?

Among all this talk of female ejaculation, squirting orgasms, and how to make a woman squirt, it’s easy to forget the fact that at the end of the day it’s a woman’s choice whether or not she wants to try it.

Men can be so obsessed with the spectacular sight of a woman gushing during orgasm that they forget there is an element of choice around this – not all women are interested in squirting at the moment of orgasm.

Female ejaculation
Clear liquid – squirting orgasms are not about male sexual pleasure!

Yet the truth is that people have been fascinated by squirting orgasms for a very long time – where does the “gush” come from? What makes this liquid explode in a fountain? And what is it?

Many people who are interested in squirting hav probably read the study by a team of French researchers which concluded that most of the liquid that comes out of the urethra when a woman “squirts” or gushes is urine.

Needless to say, other researchers think the quality of this study was low, and sexuality activists who proclaim that the independent spirit of the female body lives on in the act of ejaculation, don’t agree, and female ejaculators have a lot to say about the matter – basically suggesting that this is just another example of how the female body has been medicalized, taken away from women, and their own experience of sexuality denied. All of which may well be true…..

Female ejaculatory fluid
Creamy white fluid – the real female ejaculate?

In the face of such confusion, what can we actually establish about why a woman might want to experience squirting orgasms  for herself, and how men can get involved with how to make a woman squirt? (Or, rather, how to help her squirt.)

Well. We have to admit that there’s a long history of misinformation, confusion, and totally biased coverage of the subject of squirting.

Nothing in this area is simple, and the more you delve into it, the less does that good old-fashioned quality of truth appear to be relevant.

For example, studies have demonstrated that either 10% or 69% of women can ejaculate: you’d be right to think this is an absurdity and means that scientific studies are not telling us a great deal about squirting orgasms and female ejaculation, let alone how to make a woman squirt…..

Video – Female Ejaculation

Does this really represent some variation on how women’s bodies operate, or some feat of imagination by women who are deluding themselves?

Fortunately one intrepid authoress has investigated this very subject, and I’m going to report what she discovered.

To start with, she makes the point that scientists and sex bloggers all agree that female ejaculation, aka squirting orgasms, is caused by G spot stimulation.

Thank heavens for some area of agreement! The other thing that people seem to be generally agreed upon is the fact that women, at least some women, expel some kind of liquid from the urethra during orgasm.

Some people claim that this is kind of prostatic fluid secreted by the Skenes glands, analogous to the prostate tissue in men, which are indeed located in this area and open into the female urethra.

gspot (1)

tumblr_mhaxnhF6Hc1qczjoqo1_1280 Skenes_gland

Other people have a more down-to-earth or pragmatic view – they think that a woman is basically urinating when she ejaculates.

Obsessive Thinking Helps No-one

There are two obsessions commonplace in the world of squirting orgasms and female ejaculation: one is the obsession that a lot of women and some men (or, should that be a lot of men and some women) have with achieving it, and the other is an obsession with working out what the fluid actually is composed of.

Perhaps there are even some women who simply think that it’s a nice party trick. But you can see this isn’t simple. Or at least, it doesn’t appear to be simple.

However I think you can distil female ejaculation down to simple things like, for example, you find some instructions on how to do and then go and do it.

Sure. Yet people obsess about the detail and want to understand it.

So the other thing that occurs to me is how right this woman is when she talks about the fact that none of the articles on female ejaculation are couched in terms attractive to women.

I mean, she’s right when she says you never see an article headed something like “Five fabulous tips to make any woman feel really amazing when she comes.” Instead, you see things like “Five fabulous tips to make any woman squirt easily”.

So perhaps there is a lack of sensitivity around squirting orgasms here too?

Anyway, our intrepid female blogger says that she’d never really given female ejaculation or squirting orgasms a great deal of thought in the past although she had experienced (like many women report) one isolated incident when she was college where loads of liquid “came pouring out of her vagina” during some random sexual encounter. Then, disappointingly, perhaps, she says it never happened again.

She starts her investigation of squirting by making the observation that her own sexual world revolves around her clitoris, and she’s had one or two problems with her vagina of the past few years that have alienated her from it.

I guess that’s the kind of thing most women experience from time to time: irritation, weird pains, a lack of cooperation in lubrication during sex, and so on.

Her clitoris, she says, is much more reliable – she refers to it as her “well-behaved child”. And she says, her vagina is mostly there so her boyfriend has something to do while she touches her clit!

Squirting Orgasms Do Come With Practice

And perhaps because of her alienation from her vagina, she implies, her excursions into trying to make herself squirt did not go very well.

The first attempt was by masturbating with her clitoris, while trying to find her G spot.

Pressing the area that she assumed was her G spot did not do anything for her, though. So the next step was to visit Babeland and get a magic wand to wiggle around inside her vagina to stimulate her G spot.

Sadly, the result wasn’t wonderful either. No squirting, let alone a squirting orgasm….

So the next step was bringing in the boyfriend to poke around in her vagina.

After some false starts, and a complete inability to squirt, our intrepid authoress realise that perhaps the issue at the root of her failure to squirt was the lack of a relationship with her vagina. Yup, I can get that. More successful stories in the next post…