Oral Sex & Kissing

Kissing And Oral Sex

What we call “giving head” is a term used for pleasuring your partner – that means bringing her to orgasm – using your lips, tongue and mouth on the genitals – specifically on her clitoris and vaginal opening.

Oral sex may not lead to squirting orgasms
Oral sex is pleasurable for both man and woman

Naturally enough, when you try this you will find both of you enjoy the experience, because it’s natural for men to be aroused by oral sex, and it’s natural for women to reach orgasm.

The interesting thing is that this is actually a very easy way of making a  woman orgasm, so for a lot of men it’s probably easier to bring her to orgasm with oral sex before having intercourse. (See www.comingtowomen.com for more on this…)

You see, unlike men, women can (and do) go on and have more sexual pleasure after they’ve reached orgasm – and their descent from the heights of orgasm to normal levels of arousal can be quite slow.

Hygiene Is Important

So when a man is good at “eating a woman out” or pleasuring her orally, he’s most likely going to find that she wants to have intercourse with him after he’s done it. In any event, this is a very intimate experience that can bond a couple and bring them much closer together.

However for many men – and indeed a lot of women – one of the problems here is that there is a perception that female genitals can be offensively smelly or taste and pleasant.

cunni9The truth of the matter is different – this is simply not the case: it’s only when the genitals aren’t clean that they can smell offensively.

So take a quick shower together before sexual activity, and that can make the whole experience very pleasurable for both parties – the woman can relax, not worrying about whether she’s clean or not, and the man can enjoy licking her in this most intimate of all places.

Many men will find that this oral pleasure – oral sex or cunnilingus – is so arousing that they get an erection which is very hard and long lasting! No surprise as you bury your face in her vulva and stick your tongue into her vagina!

Indeed, people have said that it’s actually quite normal for a man to reach orgasm when he’s giving a woman oral pleasure – and you may find that you’re very attuned to the sexual arousal of your partner as you do so.

Amazingly, it is possible for man to come – to reach orgasm – simply through the arousal that he experiences as he is licking his partner’s vulva; she too becomes more and more aroused. That’s because her arousal will tend to follow his, and vice versa. It’s positive feedback!

Good sex isn’t just about oral sex – but the point about this is that it’s a good prelude to intercourse for both men and women like.

You can bring a woman to orgasm easily, and leave her in a state of arousal where she is highly aroused, ready for and expectant about intercourse, without reaching orgasm yourself. This means there is no danger of her going unsatisfied, not having an orgasm, if you ejaculate too quickly.

So how do you eat a woman out, or how do you give her head, or bring her off using your tongue ? Well, that’s the perennial question for all men who want to satisfy their partners.

How To Give Oral Pleasure

The first thing is to make the woman feel relaxed about what you’re doing. In other words she’s got to believe you’re enjoying it, so any squeamishness on your part is definitely something you need to deal with before you begin to enjoy oral pleasure together.

Assuming you’ve got this out of the way, keep in mind that it’s not just about plunging your tongue straight into a woman’s pussy with your lips on her vulva! It’s about arousing her first with cuddles and caresses and intimacy.

Only when you’ve actually done this can you begin to get her aroused more directly by approaching her clitoris and vulva.

The other thing that you need to know is that it’s necessary for both partners (at least when oral sex is on the menu) to avoid thinking about eating her out if you’re squeamish or she’s not relaxed about how clean she is. Like I said, make sure that you get this sorted out before you begin.

Having said that, there’s nothing really to worry about, because almost any oral pleasure a woman receives is going to actually give her wonderful sensations and very probably help her enjoy orgasms, though maybe not squirting orgasms.

Needless to say, you should both be in a comfortable position, and the man shouldn’t experience any kind of backache or strain. You need to to find a position where you can relax because despite the fact that women find this arousing, it may take a while to bring her to orgasm!

The most fundamental instruction about oral sex is – at least for the woman – simply to lie back and enjoy it!

Naturally it’s going to be helpful to tell a man when he’s doing something that you like, and it’s necessary also to give him feedback to ensure that he knows what he’s doing.

As far as the man is concerned, simplicity is the best approach – listen to her, watch her body language, and do more of what makes her feel good (you’ll know because she’ll give plenty of signs that she’s enjoying herself!)

Oral sex is a great way of giving a woman an orgasm – if not squirting orgasms. But, if you have a close emotional relationship with her, you may still find that the intimacy and closeness of oral sex results in her producing Amrita at the moment of orgasm.

This is the production of female ejaculatory fluid which sometimes emerges as squirting orgasms – so-called because the fluid is sometimes expelled with great force as the woman reaches climax.

And I want to make it clear at this point that great sex and good relationships are not just about pleasuring a woman with oral sex.

They are about much more than that.

As far as the man is concerned, they’re essentially about the display of clear masculinity that a woman can respect and which makes her feel safe.

Sadly there are very few men in a state of maturity in the world today, and society lacks grown-up emotionally mature men, who should be the foundation of our society. 

Being able to pleasure a woman is certainly one aspect of the mature masculine, but then so is being certain of what you’re doing with your own life.

Being able to take control of your life, and to direct it so that you’re satisfied and happy with the way things are going is a very powerful and wonderful experience, but is sadly something that few men are truly able to experience.

You’ll find it much easier to manifest reality, to know how to get what you want, if you’re actually in tune with some of the more spiritual aspects of the way the universe works.

I might add that the more spiritual your existence, the more you are going to enjoy sex! It’s necessary, I think, to point out that manifestation and the Law of Attraction are not just about getting material goods, or wealth, but they are also about obtaining spiritual satisfaction, and the pleasure of all the intangible things that the world can produce.

That includes a relationship with a soulmate who can support you and love you as you go through life.

Indeed having somebody alongside you as a partner in this way is a very natural aspect of the human condition. If you’re interested in manifesting a relationship, or indeed achieving success in any field, it’s well worth having a look at information on manifestation and the Law of Attraction.

Keep in mind that you can use these techniques to get whatever you want, including control of your ejaculation, very enjoyable sex with squirting orgasm pleasure, intimacy and romantic connection, and physical health and material wealth.